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Bernard Frize, Suite Segond 100, 1980
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  • Of the 45 people shot, nine were killed
  • Five children were shot as they were walking home from a playground
  • Someone in a vehicle that passed the children asked if they were in a particular gang before one of them started shooting
  • Police recovered 23 shell casings from the scene of the shooting
  • The children ranged in age from 11 to 15
  • So far this year 85 people have been murdered in Chicago
  • In 2013, 431 people were murdered in the Windy City

So no one is going to talk about the ongoing violence in Chicago?

Céline Fall 2013.

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Self-righteous individuals that think they are superior to everyone else… are the same individuals living lives they hate others for. Know yourself.

by  Little Dragon

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"네가 좋았던 순간,
The moment that I loved you"

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by  A Tribe Called Quest

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solitude> everything

Opaque  by  andbamnan