Great end to such an amazing month! Blessed. Eid Mubarak everyone!

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Avoiding communication with humans like it’s my full time job.

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The fuck? Defend itself? Of course the man funding Israel would say this…. of course.
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Venezuelans show their solidarity with Palestine.

Caracas, Venezuela. July 14, 2014. (Source)


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Where I’d rather be.
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"I love who I am, I like what I do and I like how I do it. I like my mistakes and like the way I learn and I like the pace with which I learn my mistakes. I don’t want to be anybody else but me.. and by knowing this I want to continue figuring out who the fuck I am."

Anonymous asked:

how do you reconcile and feel about obama, as a black woman?


"reconcile as a black woman" Do you realize how fucking patronizing and underhanded of a question is this? Are black people not capable of recognizing and opposing oppressive standards that too oppresses their people and community, because a black token now represents them?

First of all, feel free to look through my extensive “Obama” tag if you’re lost on where I stand with the man and the violence he enacts on societies all over the globe, not excluding in Africa and the Caribbean.

Listen to me, because apparently this is lost on you. Obama is a not a president for Black people. He’s the current heir to a genocidal, imperial, warmongering empire that is fundamentally, foundationally and perpetually antiblack.

He cozies up with investors of privatized prison stock, which overwhelmingly targets and has a vested stake in decimating black livelihood and families. He just signed over a ten year deal with the president of Djibouti to keep military and drone presence alive and thriving in the Horn of Africa for the next decade. Speaking of the Horn of Africa, might I remind you that Somalis have been under drone siege for the past several years and Eritrea (my country) is under debilitating sanctions based on frivolous claims of supporting militant groups?

Do you wanna go ask exploited Haitians who were prevented a wage increase by personal request of Obama how they reconcile him and being Black? Or perhaps the Somalis who were trapped for years on end languishing in Guantanamo Bay right alongside Afghan and Yemeni prisoners? How about the scores of Africans whose nations have been subject to American military presence thanks to the extension of AFRICOM? Maybe Assata Shakur who remains exiled with a bounty on her body (dead or alive) for challenging white supremacist and imperial standards. Possibly the vast black communities in Palestine, Pakistan and Iran who live under military occupation/apartheid, drone warfare and economic sanctions respectively, at personal doing of Obama?

The sad truth is that you’ve given into the liberal myth of a post racial and Black friendly society because the president is Black, when the truth remains the standards and conditions of black life (both within and outside the US) haven’t improved in any considerable standard. The world is viciously antiblack and so was this question.


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